App Development for Mobile Devices

KBMSOFT design and develop native apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8. We have many years of experience in the field and were on the App Store with our first app when the store opened in 2008. Back then the number of apps in the App Store was very limited – today the number has reached a million, and app users' expectations about content and functionality have grown. But still, we believe if you have the right, solid idea and combine it with robust professional coding and quality design you are one step closer to a top-selling app.

At KBMSOFT we develop our own native apps and help others to get started with their app projects.

Developing good apps – and turning the idea and design into algorithms and code – requires skills and experience. In KBMSOFT we have both, based on many years of app building.

Some developers overlook the importance of good and intuitive design, but today with more than 1 million apps in the iTunes App Store, quality design is essential to success.

Do you have an idea for a great mobile app? Are you not sure how to get started or don’t know whether the idea will hold? Let us analyze and qualify your idea and take you through the process of building your app.

Check out some of our apps available on the App Store

Hairstyle PRO is one of our many popular virtual hairstyle apps. Our first version was launched on the App Store in 2008 for iPhone and iPod and has since been joined by an app for iPad and for Windows 8.

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What is the noise level in your surroundings? Find out with NoiseLevel. NoiseLevel is a fun way to measure the sounds around you. Measure the sound level of the music you listen to, of your kids playing or your office environment.

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iSteps is a fun way to help you increase your physical activity. For long-term health, it is recommended that we take approx. 10,000 steps a day. For successful weight loss, daily steps should amount to 12,000-15,000.

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Transducer Smart Setup

Transducer Smart Setup is a mobile application that works in combination with data matrix codes (similar to QR codes™) on transducers, to simplify and automate multi-channel test setups. The data matrix code also gives you instant access to specifications and calibration information.

Developed for Brüel & Kjær