App and Web Design

UI Design (User Interface Design) has become more technical as the number of different screen sizes and pixel densities have increased. It is, however, a part of app building that should not be overlooked. Keeping an eye on whether or not your app is intuitive and easy to use is essential to success. And of course the look needs to be both striking and aesthetically appealing. Visual elements like colors, images, typography and symbols must be carefully chosen to support the overall idea and to make interaction smooth and easy.

Elements external to the app must also be designed to draw attention to the app. In the App Store, icon, app title and screenshots are very important elements that help persuade users to download or buy your app.

At KBMSoft we create all designs ourselves. We have extensive experience in graphic design for web and apps, and can assist you both in developing the overall theme and in creating concrete elements.

Print Design

App and web design are not the only things we do. We also offer a wide range of design services which include:


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