Hair and Beard

Looking for a new hairstyle?
Perhaps a Beard, Goatee, or a Moustache - or even a Bald look?
You will be surprised how different you look!

Upload your picture – try on a new look, see if suits you?

• Try on over 200 various professional hairstyles
• See how you would look if you were bald
• More than 85 Beards, Goatees, Moustaches
• 59 different hair & facial color options for every look
• Take a photo, Use your photo album
• Use Facebook photos, even of friends, post to your wall
• Get feedback from your partner, family or friends
• Have Fun Risk free!


Hair and Beard

Hair and Beard Lite

The Lite version offers 15 free hairstyles to try on and option to buy style packages with more than 200 hairstyles in total.